Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RL (of Next) - Since You've Been Gone (Prod. By PlatinumBrothers) (NoShout)

In early 2002, while Next was on hiatus, R.L.'s solo debut album, RL: Ements was released to modest success and acclaim. Later in the years, Next returned with their third album, The Next Episode. Prior to the recording of the album, group member T-Low underwent throat surgery, which caused the concern that he may not be able to sing again. There were rumors of turmoil within the group springing from R.L.'s various outside endeavors, as well as with group member Tweety's own solo aspirations. The first single from the album was "Imagine That", which was relatively tame compared to the group's known penchant toward raunchier material. The album, though, failed to chart well. Shortly thereafter, the group's contract with J Records was dissolved. Whether due to sales, or if other factors were involved was not made clear.
In late 2005, Next was briefly signed to G-Unit/Interscope Records. According to reports, award-winning producers Jermaine Dupri, Rich Harrison, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and Jon Bryant were to be involved in the production. Before any of this transpired, though, Next departed Interscope for unknown reasons.
In 2006, while still under the G-Unit/Interscope label, the group produced two mixtapes with G-Unit DJ "Whoo Kid," The Moisture Mixtape and The Next Level under the moniker The New Next. Later, a song by Next emerged on YouTube called "Hater In You," which some interperated as a slant on other groups. Huggar, though, claimed that this wasn't true, and that the song was simply an expression of frustration for the politics of the music industry.

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