Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chris Brown May Not Like Rihanna's New Album

Rihanna hasn't commented on her volatile relationship with Chris Brown and the February assault that earned him five years probation, but that may change when her new album is released. Ne-Yo, who is working with the 21-year-old singer on the record, said: “Expect an edgier, almost angrier Rihanna on this one. Rihanna says some things on this album that you've never heard her say before.”

It's been rumored Rihanna is planning to sing about the assault, or about the violence that plagued the relationship. Court papers have revealed the pair were involved in at least two other “domestic violence” incidents before the February altercation, during which Chris punched, kicked and choked Rihanna in his car.

Akon is also working with the pop beauty on her new songs, but he has no interest in appearing on any of her dark tracks. He said: “I'm not supposed to say anything but I'm going to work on as many songs as possible with her. I'm going to lighten her up. I don't want an angry Rihanna.”

Rihanna and Chris on vacation last fall.
In May, it was claimed Rihanna had been writing a song about killing a cheating partner at the time of the assault. It was called "Emergency Room," about a women who dreams of exacting revenge by hospitalizing her unfaithful partner. Lyrics include: “I'm going to leave your heart broken on the floor / You're gonna be in the emergency room / I'm standing by your bed / And so tempted to pull out your IV.”

It has been claimed the argument between Chris and Rihanna started after she became angry that he had received a text message from an ex-girlfriend.

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