Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rebelution- Pitbull Album Review

Album: Rebelution
Artist: Pitbull
Genre: RnB/Rap/Techno (brings a variety of flavours within the album)

Triumph feat. Avery Storm
1st Track is very inscriptional , really gets you and the album really amped, the track settles a pitbull Triumph anthem to which connects to you to also gain Triumph and get your hustle on.

Shut it down feat. Akon
The Intro of this particular song brings a sexy rnb , nice choice of backing vocal with akon on the track.But from 0:30 it brings a rnb/techno a very good experiment with a crossfade with rnb to techno transitional even though with a small amount of seconds.

I know you want me (Calle Ocho)
I don’t know if you heard this on your radio blasting but I certainly have, it gives a catchy tune “I know you want me, You know I want you” with this track it could really get the club going for all those sexy ladies especially with Pitbull’s personal touched with his foreign language(even though it’s a few amount of words it brings a dramatic effect)

With this track I think Pitbull has already and will establish that girls is his life and girls are damm HOT! And sexy, it brings a balance on the track with Pitbull and the girl vocal.

Full of Shit feat. Nayer & Bass Ill Euro
Starts off with a easy melody, I guess with this track Pitbull really gets to express himself but to me I personally don’t think he can express himself that well, as well most of his tracks are party bangas which works the best.

Dope Ball (Interlude)
The dope ball, interlude with this track you get more of a chance of hearing more of Pitbull inner rap style

Can't stop me now feat. The New Royales
Another of Pitbull nice party bangas, that no-one can stop his hustle and his music.

Hotel Room Service
The title already describes the song with Hotel Room Service, its also has catchy lyrics with his hotel room song story lyric structure.

Juice Box
I would say it’s the same as the Dope Ball Interlude where he expressed himself in rap style, once again not of my favourites.

Krazy feat. Lil Jon
Gives a Crunkish feel with Lil Jon, but you hear Pitbull raps through the possible crazy situations.

Give them what they ask for
A more slower beat song,another track which Pitbull expresses himself a more of a personal song as he raps what his gone through "giving what they asked for".

Across the World feat. B.o.B.
Featuring B.o.B. me personally I havent heard of this person before, but usually structure of a track I "been across the World", but this tracks reminds me of another track "Been across world,seen alot of girls" but dammit I cant remeber the track name and who by.

Daddy's little girl feat. Slim (of 112)
Another generic theme, "Daddy's Little Girl" which has a nice melody with 112 singing "Daddy's Little Girl” what you may expect the usually of being Dadd'y Little Girl.

Overall of Pitbull album I thought it was great lots of party bangas and lots of the usually like Daddy's Little Girl and Across the World but I would say this album gives Sean Paul a running for his money espically with Sean Paul lastest released album (Imperial Blaze)

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