Monday, October 12, 2009

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say (Remix) Ft. Griz

Born Jordan Scott on August 14, 1986 in Charleston, South Carolina is the the emcee who goes by the name of Griz. Unlike many of his fellow emcees in the hip hop industry who began perfecting their craft at an early age, Griz had no real interest in music until his late teen years. He began writing and recording music at the age of 16 as a hobby until the death of his father sparked something within him. After the passing of his father, Griz continued to pursue his dream of music more motivated and driven then he ever was before. Despite numerous situations with a few label's that ended negatively, the emcee has continued to work hard to put out the best quality of music that he possibly can. As Griz finishes up his upcoming street album, "Meet Griz", he has already begun working on his second street album titled, "The Xperiment: Subject G".

Get this joint and tell me what you think!

Whatcha Say (Remix) Ft. Griz

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