Monday, October 19, 2009

Ahmir - Happy (Leona Lewis Cover)

Ahmir is an up and coming male R&B group based in Boston, MA. The group is currently unsigned to any record label. The members of Ahmir consist of "Sing-Sing" (from Philadelphia, PA), "Big Mike" from (Harlem, NY), "Mr. Jones" (from Boston, MA) and "KC" (from Rochester, NY). Several years ago, Mr. Jones and Big Mike formed a friendship in Boston based on mutual respect for one another's talents. Big Mike made his way to Boston by attending Boston University. Michael Cheung, who is the current manager for Ahmir, had also developed a friendship with Mr. Jones while attending Boston University. Before long Mr. Jones, Big Mike and Michael Cheung each shared a vision of developing a male R&B group. Shortly thereafter, Michael Cheung brought in KC through auditions and Sing-Sing was scouted by Big Mike at a show at Berklee College of Music where he was a student.

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