Friday, October 30, 2009

50 Cent: “I’m Ready To Reclaim Hip Hop Crown After Kanye West Disgraced Himself”

His latest CD Before I Self Destruct leaked about 3 weeks before it’s official release and he’s in a spot of bother as far as sales are concerned, but that is not keeping the G-Unit general from throwing shots at his rival Kanye West.
In a new interview with Daily Record in the UK to promote his new film Dead Man Running, 50 says it looks pretty bad for Kanye from here on.
“Taylor is 17. She could be my child. Kanye may not have grown up in the space where you could have a child that early, but where I’m from, it could have happened. I could have a child her age right now.”
“So it makes me feel different about the whole scenario. I don’t think he had that in mind. I think he was just saying what he felt as an actual artist, and it’s a mistake. He’s paying for it now.
“I don’t know how much damage it does, but it looks pretty bad from here.
“What do you do after that to make people sympathetic to you?”
“Kanye was the underdog coming around under 50 Cent, and now he’s becoming this guy who has so much arrogance that it’s cool to hate Kanye West right now,” Fiddy said.
“How do you change that? With another hit record?”
There are more people at fault for his actions,” Fiddy said - perhaps feeling embarrassed at his own behaviour after he stormed the stage at the Grammys in 2004 when Evanescence beat him to the best new artist award.
“He’s cried before and they have pampered him by giving him trophies. That makes him feel like he can do something and people will adjust to it,” he said.
“You have to develop the right, if you feel like you have the right to get up and say what you think at that point.
“If you win an award that you feel someone else in your category deserves, you show all the style in the world by saying, ‘I really think they deserved this award so I’m going to give this to them’. It’s your choice what you say in your acceptance speech. But for you to get up in the middle of someone else’s…”
Before I Self Destruct now drops November 16th.

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