Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Young Jeezy , ESPO & Complex

Having dropped the Clipse x KAWS x Complex cover earlier, Complex unleash the second cover featuring Jeezy & ESPO. Here is an excerpt of his interview with them. Also, behind the scenes of the shoot can be seen after the break.
Everyone seems to downplay your creative process as a songwriter. So walk us through developing a song.
Young Jeezy: I don’t go in the studio like, “I’ma make a smash today”—that ain’t my whole method. My music is feeling. If I just left the club or somethin’, I’ll probably go and cut a club record. If I’m going through something, then instead of it being bright in the studio, it might be a little dark, a little mellow in there, and it might be a feeling song.
What are the images that come to your mind when you’re doing a club song?
Young Jeezy: When I go out, I kinda just take my mind off everything that’s going on and have fun like a regular dude. Every other song that come on, you [go] “Ohhh!” That’s the feeling. It’s like triumph. You work so hard, you should play even harder.
Read the rest here.

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