Monday, September 21, 2009

Saint Beyonce Heals The World

After the VMAs last Sunday, during which Kanye stole lil' pup Taylor Swift's MOMENT, Beyonce effortlessly managed to emerge from the incident unscathed and smelling like roses.
"Beyonce is so classy!" "I didn't like Beyonce before, but I love her now!," people crowed on Twitter and Facebook. In that moment of humility and kindness, Beyonce transcended from being regular Beyonce. She was now classy, gracious, amazing, kind, sweet, humble, beautiful-inside-out, Beyonce. The accolades poured like rain on Queen Bee and her political capital built up like a stockpile. If Obama is smart, he'll reach out to Beyonce and borrow some of her political capital for the health care reform.
If you thought Bey's VMA miracle was holy, consider this latest angelic act of kindness from Our Lady Beyonce as a few more drops in that bucket of public good will. This past weekend in Sydney, Beyonce brought a young girl named Chelsea onstage and dedicated "Halo" to the girl. Chelsea is suffering through cancer and is evidently a huge Beyonce fan. The power fans were on full blast and Beyonce plugged Chelsea's name in the lyrics, while her vocals soared and the crowd grew misty-eyed. Beyonce has even won over Perez Hilton, a former Beyohater, with the Chelsea dedication.

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