Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rebelution- Pitbull

Upon recently I was browsing around on the web to which my astonishement that most of the blogs just post up the Rebelution- Pitbull album and not reviewing it(they probably stole it and copy and pasted it from another site) and so I would like to announce my series of reviews starting with Rebelution by Pitbull to which I will post in 3 Part series(for all those who miss the blog sometimes)but in the end I will post the overall reviews.

Part 1

Triumph feat. Avery Storm
1st Track is very inscriptional , really gets you and the album really amped, the track settles a pitbull Triumph anthem to which connects to you to also gain Triumph and get your hustle on.

Shut it down feat. Akon
The Intro of this particular song brings a sexy rnb , nice choice of backing vocal with akon on the track.But from 0:30 it brings a rnb/techno a very good experiment with a crossfade with rnb to techno transitional even though with a small amount of seconds.

I know you want me (Calle Ocho)-
I don’t know if you heard this on your radio blasting but I certainly have, it gives a catchy tune “I know you want me, You know I want you” with this track it could really get the club going for all those sexy ladies especially with Pitbull’s personal touched with his foreign language(even though it’s a few amount of words it brings a dramatic effect)

With this track I think Pitbull has already and will establish that girls is his life and girls are damm HOT! And sexy, it brings a balance on the track with Pitbull and the girl vocal.

And we also proudly present you the DOWNLOAD LINK as well for all those who would like a listen.

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