Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lil Flip - Respect Me (Album Cover)

This is an album before the album sorta project which will be released on September 29th through Hi Power/E1 Entertainment.

Says Flip in an interview with HipHopDX:
When certain [media outlets] mention Texas they leave my name out. My whole thing is, I been around music since I was a kid, ‘cause my grandmother plays the piano. I play the drums – play the piano too. But I been [around] music my whole life. So it’s like, I care about the art of music more so than the fame. The reason you don’t see me at every event, or at every award show, is because at the end of the day I’m more about creating the art of music. I’m more about being [able] to express myself. And I know it’s a lot of…excuse my French, but you gotta kiss a lot of ass in this [business]… I’m not gonna kiss ass to get respect, I’m gonna take respect. I’m gonna stand for what I believe in, and either you ridin’ wit’ me or you ain’t ridin’ wit’ me. Either way it goes, I feel like I’m the best.
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