Monday, September 28, 2009

Amerie – In Love & War (Album Cover)

In Love & War is the title of Amerie’s fourth studio album and above is the official album cover. Lola Plaku recently spoke with the singer and was able to answer questions as to why Lil Wayne didn’t appear in the video for her new single, “Heard Em All.“
ILL: I saw the behind the scenes video online today, and Wayne wasn’t in it, and there were fans wondering whether he was going to be making an appearance, which is why I asked.
AMERIE: He definitely is. We just have to do that shot, which we’ve been trying to do….and he just had a baby and he has another baby coming soon, we of course don’t know what day is going to be so [sighs] hopefully it goes…no I’m not going to say hopefully it goes down; it is going to go down [laughing]
I highly doubt a video for the Lil Wayne-featured remix will come to life. Especially at the rate this man is having children. Yeah, definitely not happening. In Love & War hits stores on November 3rd.

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